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10 React Security Implications You Need to Consider

There's more to building React applications than creating a few components and calling it a day. Before you push to production, you need to make sure you put special thought into protecting your users. In this talk, we'll discuss core concepts in authentication vs. authorization, as well as front-end vs. back-end security. You will walk away knowing what considerations you need to make to ensure your React applications are secure.


James Quick

Senior Developer Advocate @Auth0
James is a developer, speaker, and teacher with a passion for Web Development. He is a Developer Advocate at Auth0 and has over 7 years of experience in Advocacy and Software Development. In his spare time, he runs a YouTube channel, plays co-ed soccer with his wife, spends time with his dogs,... Read more

Auth0's identity and access management solution works out-of-the-box from day one, with the ability to customize, extend, and build new features when you need them.


Tuesday Nov 10 / 04:20PM EST (45 minutes)

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