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The SRE as a Diplomat

No two organizations implement the practices of Site Reliability Engineering in the same manner and that fact is seldom recognized when rolling out an SRE function for the first time. While there exists a through-line of best practices, those that take on the task of championing SRE within their organization know that, even as a mandate, the implementation is one that requires close collaboration between engineers, operators, and leadership. As Site Reliability Engineering finds itself at the cross-roads of the needs of these stakeholders, the job becomes akin to that of the diplomat who must carefully initiate and facilitate strategic agreements that drive all parties towards the safe creation and maintenance of scalable and reliable software systems.  

This talk explores the following ideas:  

  • The unintended consequences of certain service ownership and operational models.  
  • When SRE is seen as an "outside", unwanted influence, and how to build trust with those teams.  
  • The "Forward Deployed SRE" model as a bridge between individual teams and the operational excellence engineering leaders seek when adopting (and sometimes, mandating) SRE practices.  
  • What then, makes a great Site Reliability Engineer? We explore the technical but more importantly, the non-technical attributes that someone should have when taking on this critical role.


Johnny Boursiquot

SRE @ Salesforce/Heroku

Johnny Boursiquot is a multi-disciplined software engineer with over two decades of experience and a love for teaching and community-building. He stays busy as a trainer, speaker, and diversity advocate within the Go programming language community where he also frequently serves as podcast host,...

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Tuesday Nov 10 / 09:00AM PST (55 minutes)

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