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Finding The “I” within Inclusion

The concept of Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) is often taught to be ‘for’ and ‘about’ individuals who are a part of underrepresented groups. Unfortunately, that narrative is not only untrue, but it has also worked to prevent members from overrepresented groups from understanding how I&D positively impacts them personally, interpersonally, and culturally.

During this interactive presentation, Wade Davis and Karen Casella will explore some of the history of I&D, it’s historical relationship with both over and underrepresented groups, and how to find yourself within I&D.


Wade Davis

Vice President of Inclusion Strategy @Netflix

Wade is part of Netflix’s team of inclusion experts that bring transformative solutions to build inclusive corporate cultures. He’s a former NFL player and the NFL’s first LGBT inclusion consultant working at the intersection of sexism, racism, and homophobia. Before...

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Karen Casella

Director of Engineering @Netflix, previously leading architecture teams @eBay & @Sun

Karen is currently an engineering director @ Netflix, where she is responsible for the teams that build the server-side infrastructure to enable a secure viewing experience for our members. Karen had previously led engineering and architecture teams @EBay & @Sun, before taking a ten year...

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