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Finding The “I” within Inclusion

The concept of Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) is often taught to be ‘for’ and ‘about’ individuals who are a part of underrepresented groups. Unfortunately, that narrative is not only untrue, but it has also worked to prevent members from overrepresented groups from understanding how I&D positively impacts them personally, interpersonally, and culturally.

During this interactive presentation, Wade Davis and Karen Casella will explore some of the history of I&D, it’s historical relationship with both over and underrepresented groups, and how to find yourself within I&D.


Wade Davis

Vice President of Inclusion Strategy -- Product @Netflix

Wade Davis is the Vice President of Inclusion Strategy -- Product for Netflix. At Netflix, Wade works directly with Netflix’s Chief Product Officer and 31 Vice Presidents to enhance their inclusive leadership capabilities, as well as create and embed diversity and inclusion policies, norms,...

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Karen Casella

Director of Engineering @Netflix, previously leading architecture teams @eBay & @Sun

Karen is currently an engineering director @ Netflix, where she is responsible for the teams that build the server-side infrastructure to enable a secure viewing experience for our members. Karen had previously led engineering and architecture teams @EBay & @Sun, before taking a ten year...

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