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Architecting For Focus, Flow, and Joy: Beyond The Unicorn Project: A Fireside Chat with Gene Kim, Mike Nygard, and Carin Meier

When I wrote “The Unicorn Project,” I wanted to explore what invisible structures are required to truly enable developer productivity — this resulted in The Five Ideals, which included 1) Locality and Simplicity, 2) Focus, Flow, and Joy, 3) Improvement of Daily Work, 4) Psychological Safety, and 5) Customer Focus.

In this panel, I interview two people whose achievements I genuinely admire, and explore about their most fun (and least fun) moments coding, and how functional programming practices have helped enable those amazingly fun and productive times programming, both at the individual- and team-levels.  I ask them about how they can be unleashed at a team-of-teams scale, and what technology leaders at all levels can do to help!


Gene Kim

Author of The Phoenix Project, The Unicorn Project & Accelerate

Gene Kim is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, researcher, and multiple award-winning CTO. He has been studying high-performing technology organizations since 1999 and was the founder and CTO of Tripwire for 13 years. He is the author of six books including The Unicorn Project, and...

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Michael Nygard

Architect @Cognitect & Author of the Best Seller "Release It!"

Michael Nygard strives to raise the bar and ease the pain for developers around the world. He shares his passion and energy for improvement with everyone he meets, sometimes even with their permission. Living with systems in production taught Michael about the importance of operations and writing...

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Carin Meier

Data Engineer @reifyhealth

Carin Meier is a data engineer at Reify Health. She has a passion for Clojure and AI and has spoken at many conferences, including keynoting at OSCON and Strange Loop. She is the author of the O’Reilly book, “Living Clojure” and is both a committer and PPMC member of the Apache...

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