Christina Camilleri

Senior Security Engineer @Netflix

Christina is a security engineer on the Studio & Corporate Security team at Netflix leading the initiative of building and shaping endpoint security for employees. Previously, she worked on the Rioter Security team at Riot Games, where she focused on employee security, external threats and security awareness training. Prior to that, Christina worked as a penetration tester at Bishop Fox, with efforts primarily concentrated in social engineering and web-application pentesting. She is passionate about security education, motorcycles, video games, whisky, and rock climbing.

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User Adaptive Security

The chaos and variability introduced by 2020 has made us focus more on how our users securely operate within a culture of Freedom and Responsibility. Join Jesse and Christina as we revisit the challenges we’ve faced in this changing landscape. We’ll talk about how we’ve had to readjust our bets and investments around user-focused security tooling, and will explore some new strategies towards a tiered access approach within endpoint security.


Tuesday Nov 10 / 10:50AM PST (40 minutes)


Security in a State of Insecurity

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