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Our program committee members are always software leaders working on in-production projects. Get the chance to engage and network with professionals driving change and innovation inside the world’s most innovative software shops.
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QCon Plus Nov 2021 Committee Member

Rob Witoff

CTO @ Polychain Labs. Formerly Google, Coinbase & NASA JPL

Rob Witoff is the Chief Technology Officer at Polychain Labs. After founding and taking his first startup, Apigy, through the Y Combinator in 2009 (acquired in 2017), he spent the next 5 years at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. First as a systems engineering lead on a laser communication experiment named OPALS, launched on the first SpaceX flight to the International Space Station where it was then deployed and later leading search, analysis and visualization projects in the CTO’s office. He spent the next 3 years leading the infrastructure and security teams that power Coinbase, before stepping back into a big company for two years as a Senior Technical Security Manager building the tools that detect and respond to cyber intrusions at Google. Rob is a longtime entrepreneur, triathlete and excited to safely decentralize more of our world.

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