Miriam Goldberg

(She / her / hers)

Engineering Manager @Netflix

Miriam Goldberg has been working in software development for nearly 20 years, in a variety of fields, from bioinformatics to natural language processing, payments, and now API infrastructure. She joined Netflix in early 2021 as the engineering manager for their federated GraphQL team. Miriam has worked both on-site and remotely, in fully distributed and hybrid environments. Since 2018 she has worked remotely from her home in Philadelphia, PA.


Remote and Hybrid Teams Panel

The future of teams is increasingly looking personalized... kind of like your Netflix queue. The removal of the expectation and the obligation to be physically present in the same room is providing opportunities for teams to experiment, learn and adopt practices that confer both flexibility and efficiency.

In this panel, hear from a motley of folks who have experienced this new world from a variety of perspectives - from a traditional office setting to remote-first or remote-friendly to a hybrid one! From joining, to being successful in, to building a productive hybrid team!


Monday Nov 1 / 03:10PM EDT (40 minutes)


From Remote to Hybrid Teams: Return to Office?


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