Ines Sombra

Director of Engineering @Fastly

Ines Sombra is a Senior Director of Engineering at Fastly, where she spends her time helping the Web go faster. Ines holds an M.S. in Computology with an emphasis on Cheesy 80’s Rock Ballads. She has a fondness for steak, fernet, and running after a toddler who won't stay put. Follow Ines @randommood.


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Panel: Real-World Production Readiness

What does it mean for an app to truly be ready for Production? Join Ines Sombra (Senior Director of Engineering at Fastly), Kolton Andrus (CEO of Gremlin), and Laura Nolan (Seeking SRE Contributor) as we discuss production readiness. Topics we’ll dive into range from the “practice” of SRE, how you think about data when it comes to production readiness, and strategies for resiliency, such as chaos engineering, gamedays, and, of course, production readiness reviews.


Wednesday Nov 10 / 02:10PM EST (40 minutes)


Production Readiness


Production ReadinessDevopsInfrastructureSREChaos EngineeringCloud ComputingMicroservicesDistributed Systems

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