Christina Camilleri

Trust & Safety Product Lead, Games @Netflix

Christina works in Netflix Infosec where she is currently leading the product strategy, execution, and alignment for Trust and Safety in Netflix Games, and previously led and shaped the endpoint security initiative for employees. Prior to Netflix, she worked on the security team at Riot Games, where she focused on employee security, building security guidance, and external threat investigations. Originally from a pentesting background, she spent a lot of her career focused on web application assessments, social engineering, and network pentesting. In her free time, she enjoys tinkering on her motorcycles, patting cats, and video gaming.

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It’s Dangerous To Go Alone: Trust and Safety in Gaming

People play video games a lot, and they are a natural extension to the content Netflix already offers. There’s notable overlap among consumers’ motivations for playing games and watching TV and film, especially the interactive nature of the content. Trust and Safety in the interactive world is a crucial pillar to foster and maintain player trust and a positive player experience - and every player deserves a fair, safe, and inclusive space to play.    

In this talk, Christina will discuss what makes trust and safety unique in the video game industry, and explore how trust and safety issues and mitigations change depending on the gaming landscape, genre, or features of certain games. Hear about real-world examples from Netflix and other studios, with specific emphasis on how Netflix aims to balance addressing this risk while building and maintaining a positive, safe (and fun) experience for our players.


Tuesday Nov 2 / 09:00AM PDT (40 minutes)


Security: Establishing & Maintaining Customer Trust

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