3 Reasons to attend 2021


Work the event around your schedule.

Plan your schedule around a couple of hours a day, two to three days a week for three weeks.

Learn from practitioners creating the future.

Uncover trends and tools that are helping organizations tackle change and uncertainty. Validate your project roadmap during challenging times.

Peer learning groups & interactive problem solving.

Connect with a small group of peers and get answers to your problems through highly interactive sessions including Q&As, AMAs, breakouts and real-time collaborative action.

Is QCon Right for You?

Our attendees roles are:

Senior Developer /
Technical Team Lead and Higher, including:
  • Technical Team Lead
  • Senior Management (VP, CTO, CIO, Director)
  • Architect: Technical / Application (platform specific)
  • Enterprise Architect / Chief Architect
  • Architect: Solution / Systems (Integration Focused)
  • Technical Project Manager
Software Developer / Programmer / Engineer

Topics covered at QCon Plus

Stay ahead of the topics that matter right now

Project Valhalla


Deep Learning



Java 15

Green Initiatives

IoT Data Pipelines

Service Mesh

GraphQL Federation

Mechanical Sympathy



Diversity & Inclusion

Evolutionary Architecture

Operating Microservices

Chaos Engineering




Remote Working / WFH Strategies

Observability / Telemetry

Building High Performing Teams

Event-Driven Architectures

.NET Core

What to Expect

Everything you love about QCon. Reimagined for a virtual setting.

Deep-dive technical talks from software leaders.

Accelerate your learning with thoughtfully designed, shorter, focused technical sessions over 3 weeks. Engage in breakout sessions, Q&As and open space peer learning. Don’t miss a session with on-demand access to presentation videos after the event.

Gather inspiration from your peers to help solve your tough problems.

Find new solutions to your software challenges. Share experiences and common challenges with peers and speakers. Discover new ideas and insights.

Build relationships and network with a global developer community.

Meet new people, meet old friends. Engage with peers from around the world in our highly interactive sessions. Build connections that last beyond the event.

It’s not just about the tech. It’s about you too.

Get together with peers in a safe setting where everyone is able to express themselves. Focus on non-tech topics from managing change to becoming the leader you want to be.

2020 Speakers

Learn how software development teams are pivoting and surviving during rapid
business change. Plus hear from software leaders pushing the boundaries.

2020 Workshops

Deep-dive with world-class practitioners on the topics that matter most to you.

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We’ve designed QCon Plus to help you connect with like-minded peers in a virtual setting. Each session features a keynote from world-class practitioners, Q&As and an opportunity to engage with peers to help answer your questions. You’ll get actionable ideas you can implement right away.

Daniel Bryant QCon Plus Chair, News/Podcasts at @InfoQ, Director of Dev Rel at @ambassadorlabs
Qcon plus - Daniel

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Every QCon has a Program Committee comprising senior software leaders who curate timely, modern topics they feel are essential for senior software engineers, tech leads, and architects. Join a global professional engineering community and adopt the right software innovations and practices.

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